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August 21, 2005

Remembering Teddy Diaz

Teddy Diaz... The Dawn
(Marissa Alcoba)

On the of August 21st, a great loss occured in the music industry of the Philippines. Teddy Diaz, the lead guitarist, arranger and composer of almost all the songs of The Dawn band met his tragic death at Agno St. Tatalon, Quezon City.

"Senor, we'd be glad to see your art pieces." Teddy was a man oozing with talents. He was a good painter, singer, drummer and a classical guitarist. He loved music like Franz Liszt, to rock Led Zeppelin (Van Halen, Rush, U2, The Who). Far out you may say. He was mistaken for an addict. But man, the guy was so clean. He didnt smoke or drink. He even joined the campaign "WAVE AGAINST DRUGS". He never missed mass and was very close to our Creator. Some people thought of him as weird. But one should know him first to understand him. The guy was an artist, thats why he was always regarded as weird.

The life of Teddy was very much into the arts, particularly music. Ted was some sort of a loner but he managed to come up with several bands. he first joined a band called FALL OUT (Ted, Gugut, Manny, Dennis) in the year 1983. After a while, he formed a band of his own MANIFESTO with his two friends Georgie and Tina. This trio did not last long and he formed IRONIC TRAUMA together with his brother Carl and friends Manny Pagsuyuin, Tina Fineza and Maxie Acosta. They joined the Pepsi's Punk Band Contest. Because it was very demanding the members of the band decided to part ways. But Teddy did not stop. He got another band to jam with and they named it STAB. Playing with him were his pals Caloy Balcells, Gugut, Alex Recto and Marilyn del Rosario. Afterwards came ARS NOVA (Art of the New....nice name) once again with his brother Carl, and friends Gugut, Tina and Reena Calica. All these bands did well but maybe it did not fit Ted's expectations.

Teddy's destined to be an artist --- "a rock star with style and with originality, "finally found a home for his music with the DAWN. Ted and JB Leonor III founded The Dawn last April 1986. They got Clay Luna to do the bass guitars, and Jett Pangan as their vocalist. Clay had to leave. Caloy Balcells took his place. All five of them together with their manager Martin Galan, contributed so much time, effort, talents (e.g. melody, lyrics) and of course the right feelings to blend things.

On September 27, 1986 they held their first major concert entitled "Dawn Rising". Dawn now has risen. It rose so fast and soon, these guys reached the peak but Teddy had to leave. His music will never be forgotten and it's up to you guys (JB, Jett, Caloy and Martin) to continue Ted's dreams and The Dawn's as well. We'll always be there to support you guys. Good luck, God Bless and more power! And to Ted, may peace be with you... "till we meet again Senor."

Source: The Score Mag (1988)

  • Teddy Diaz is a son of character actor Vic Diaz, who often plays the role of a high-ranking japanese official in Fpj films.
  • Francis Reyes was still playing with After Image during this time.

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